Magical Interactive Installation

Behind the Scenes.

The world of Interaction Design is filled with examples of inventions that seem to break our understanding of everyday objects behavior, thus creating the impression of a magical experience. Forbidden knowledge is an interactive installation that aims at creating a magical experience for its users using technological artifacts. In the work a series of hidden messages unfold on a table under the user’s hand. They will find themselves controlling paper, information without the need to touch them. Through touch users leave a mark of their presence. Using muscle wires, Photochromic ink and capacitive sensors in this installation, users have the ability to control seemingly inert objects with their simple hand movement.

Forbidden Message.

what happens to our view of the world, If we add elements of
surprise, Wonder, and Enchantement to our everyday experiences

Magic brings a feeling of enchantment and wonder, which is a crucial part of everyday life - one which we are forgetting in our 21st century - by engendering the belief in the impossible as I tried to do in this project, new ideas come to light expanding my understanding of our imaginations and thus our possibilities in the field of interaction design.